About Us

Deco Drywall & Plaster is a family run business with 2, 3rd generation construction industry professionals. Owner Daniel Casey & managing partner David Casey are both third generation drywall professionals, each having 40 years in the drywall trade. “Our father & grandfather taught us that drywall is an art-form, and with that mindset we strive to teach our employees to see what we saw in that statement. We truly enjoy working on the creations the architects & designers have dreamed up, which are continuously exciting, fun & challenging for our entire team.” 

Our third family member and managing partner is Teri Casey, who has the title of Office Manager. Teri and David were high school sweethearts and are now married. Teri is the glue that holds the company together.

In the field and another managing partner is Timoteo or “Timo” as he is known, is the liaison between the office and the field, and has been with Deco Drywall & Plaster from the beginning. 

Our wonderful artists (employees) are all family to us and many are also family members with one another. We are continuously reminded of the many great qualities our guys exude in the workplace by our clientele. They are passionate about their crafts and it is reflected in their work.

It is our mission to offer honesty, Integrity, quality & cleanliness to all of our contractors and homeowners.